Frames of reference

By Guy Bird for Intersection, Mar 2006

All these designers need glasses but here Intersection exclusively reveals their unframed selves. Can you match the right frames back to the faces?

This story involved persuading ten top car designers to be photographed with and without their spectacles and then interviewing them about their choices to give clues to the reader to help match the designer specs back to the designer. The 'answers' – showing the designer wearing their respective designer specs – were printed upside-down on the same spread. A bit daft but great fun to do...    

“Designer glasses shouldn’t colour or distort my world. I never wear contact lenses as they swim on your eye. When you stare at a line or surface you don’t need that”

– Chris Bangle







“I bought them because of the look. I don’t know what make they are because when I take them off I can’t read the words on the side” 

– Ed Welburn





“These are my daily wears but I’ve got about eight pairs – my wife really bitches about that. I’ve had these for about three years now but I saw an engineer with these frames on the other day so I’ve got to get a new style. Got to move on” 

– Bryan Nesbitt

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